Banks used to be slow to introduce new technologies into their business, especially when it came to money transfers. That is why special applications for transferring money started to appear all over the world at the right time so that you no longer have to think about how to send money to someone without a bank account. Such applications easily allow even international transfers of money using different currencies and doing it easily and efficiently. In this article, we will look at the best money transfer apps in 2021.

WorldRemit Review

The main reason WorldRemit has become so popular is its ability to hold competitive rates, as well as high reliability in time to transfer money through mobile operating systems. Using this app is quite flexible, as it offers you many different payment methods to choose from, among which are:

  • Poli
  • Interac
  • iDEAL
  • Apple Pay and others

Of course, the commission that you will be charged depends on the exchange rate and the place you are going to transfer the money to.. The type of transfer also plays an important role. WorldRemit allows users from more than 50 countries to transfer money to more than 150 other countries. The transfer process does not take long, in some cases it takes about 10 minutes, and when the process is completed the app will send you and the recipient a notification.

Azimo Review

Azimo is a praiseworthy application because of its ability to perform instant money transfers quickly and efficiently, or within an hour. This feature is available in many countries. Another feature is its round-the-clock delivery even on weekends and without any delays. And newcomers get the advantage of two free transfers.

Even though Azimo is considered quite a young company, today it can offer its services to more than 200 countries, has about 80 currencies to choose from, and extensive transfer method options among them:

  • bank deposits
  • mobile wallets
  • cash

Recently the application was updated under the name Azimo Business, intended for the owners of small and medium-sized businesses, for whom it is more profitable to use the application for money transfers than through a bank.

Venmo Review

Venmo can be your ideal option whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur. What is so appealing to other users about this app is its social advantage. Venmo shares shopping updates with other users in your social group.

Venmo works like a digital wallet, which is great for peer-to-peer transfers. 

Using this app is quite easy, it makes payments through:

  • bank account
  • debit card
  • directly
  • with QR code usage

Western Union Overview

Western Union has revolutionized the service, simply because it is very convenient. This app has very high ratings among all money transfer transactions.

Choose how you want to transfer money and make the transfer via any network or cell phone. The commission will depend on the currency you choose and where you send it.

The mobile wallet feature has become very popular today. But getting cash through Western Union is also a very common operation. The interface of the program is very convenient you can log in with your fingerprint, and some settings will help you highlight the contacts to whom you most often send remittances.

Easily track your transfers with a dedicated tracking number and be notified when the transaction is completed.